Abbotsford Berry Beat
Mad Fingers McBride
Historically significant, the band accurately represents the authentic sound and feel of the first jug bands from the turn of the century - the medium which influenced the styles and development of many players and contributed enormously to the evolution of jazz and blues. “The Jazz Show” conjures the era of prohibition, speakeasies and bathtub gin. This is 1930’s jazz, ragtime and Delta blues with a few original songs that blend perfectly. This show, both unusual and unique, fascinates and mesmerizes audiences of all ages. This act is ground breaking; a performance that is rare. Musically these are leaders, not lemmings, and they take the stage to contribute not commodify.

Modern Drummer

The most prestigious drum magazine, Modern Drummer's,  "Kit of the Month" features The Genuine Jug Band's one of a kind percussion set-up.
(it's like winning the Pulitzer prize!)
The banter between songs is witty and entertaining. Band leader, Douglas Fraser, musicologist, songwriter, entertainer, vocalist, banjoist, tenor guitar player and comedian takes the audience on an unforgettable romp through classic songs that can only be described as “the most loved” and “the absolute craziest!” Tony McBride, the show’s percussionist, steals the attention constantly with the most outrageous visual performance seen anywhere. Terry Devine, who has played the jug for forty three years, astounds the audience with the tuba-like sounds. The Genuine Jug Band can play huge stages and truly stands alone as the most unforgettable, interesting and original jazz production available today.
Genuine Jug Band at Berry Beat Festival
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