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If you have been reluctant to take your place in the ďbig-timeĒ as a headliner and are still touring the circuit as a working musician you may find yourself performing in hotels. Hotels have lounges and nightclubs or main rooms as they are sometimes called and can rebook you several times during the year.

An often over looked employee at hotels is the night desk clerk. Here is a person who is relatively recluse as there are few other staff members on while they are at work. If you are snippy or curt to that night desk person they tend to have remarkable memories and also occasionally have the managerís ear.

My father always told me; to bring a coffee and a donut for the night desk person when you are coming in late. Write their name down in a little book that you carry on the road with you as well as the managerís name and the front door manís name. Remembering their names on your return visit makes them feel important and well liked.

The next time the hotel manager is looking over the calendar to rebook bands or solo acts he will remember that your show was the only one the night desk clerk said something favorable about and if his staff all liked you it only stands to reason that the audience did also.

Never underestimate how important good public relations are with everyone you meet.

Happy playing,
Professor Douglas Fraser

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