Prof. Douglas Fraser is the band leader, lead vocalist, banjo and tenor guitar player. Douglas hails from three generations of professional entertainers and has been on stage since the age of three. He was part of the jug band resurgence in the 1960’s and has played jazz in concert coast to coast. He has been on many television shows, movies and radio shows throughout the years. Douglas was the band leader at Gastown’s “Banjo Palace” for two years and wrote, produced and directed the theatrical comedy production, The Heartaches Razz Band which ultimately played California’s “Knott’s Berry Farm” for two years. Mr. Fraser has also spent several years as a stand up comic.
Mr. Tony McBride exploits the position of percussionist in The Genuine Jug Band. All eyes are on this performance and he is positioned stage front. He also solos on wind instruments and provides backup vocals. This percussive masterpiece is unlike anything else and is visually a work of art. A celebrated rock drummer and respected Scottish Pipe band snare drummer, Tony brings years of performance and playing experience to this challenging and unusual percussive masterpiece. One-man bands throw themselves at his feet in homage.
Mr. Terry Devine is an accomplished bass player and performs in The Genuine Jug Band as the gutbucket player. This is a one string fretless upright bass with a two octave range. Terry also pays the “jug”, again producing an amazing two octave range of bass notes with a sound very reminiscent of a tuba. Having performed on Television, concert stages, night clubs and festivals Terry has always proved himself the “showman”. Renowned for his on-stage banter, his spontaneous backup vocals and kazoo accompaniment, Mr. Devine brings years of jug band experience to the stage.